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2016 SDSSA Sanctioned Tournaments

A list of the 2016 South Dakota tournaments for the upcoming months can be found by clicking HERE.  Alternately, visit the SDSSA website by following the link in the left column.

2016-2017 SD Adult League Referee Insurance Requirement (Renew Now!)

If you are a SD Referee who officiates adult soccer games, you must register each year through USASA before you can referee games. Your 2015-16 registration expired April 15, 2016 and you MUST re-register if you wish to officiate any adult games in 2016/17. 

This registration (and $5 fee) covers your annual membership, and most importantly, insurance coverage for you while refereeing adult games. This is not optional. 

  • Select: 2016-2017 SDASA Yearly Referee Membership
  • Follow the instructions. This will require payment of the $5 fee electronically by credit card. If you are unable to pay by credit card you need to make arrangements to come to the Sioux Falls Coed Leagues Office to complete this before you may referee adult league games this season.
Remember, this is NOT optional if you wish to referee adult games. Don't say we didn't warn you.

2016 Re-Certification and New Referee Courses

Courses for re-certification (Grades 05/15/06/16/07/08) and new referee courses have been completed for the Spring of 2016.  There will likely be additional courses added prior to the Fall 2016 season.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about re-certification,contact SD State Director of Instruction, Chad Landis.  

South Dakota 2015 Regionals Referees and Assesors

South Dakota's 2015 Region II Championships referee and assessor crew

Important GameOfficials Websites

If you have trouble remembering the different GameOfficials websites and why you need each one, we hear you.  The following is a listing and an explanation of each:

This is your first and most common place to be, set your availability, accept games, download your schedule.

This is where you find and sign up for referee courses in your area.  Online portions of each course are also found here.

Assessments filed with USSF are found here.  You will (should) also receive a separate copy of each assessment, but if not, all of your assessments are stored here.

Adult Referees!
If you are 18 years old or older you need to complete this form every year prior to officiating.

You CANNOT referee matches until this is completed!!

After completion - print out the verification form and bring to your referee certification class. Thanks!!

Use the Categories on the Left to best navigate this page.
Should you think something needs added/changed contact our State Director of Instruction, Chad Landis at  rapidcitysoccerrefs@gmail.com





SD State Referee Committee Upcoming Events

SRC Referee Development and High-Potential Programs

The SD SRC has developed several programs to identify and assist referees to improve and advance. SRC assistance includes advanced training, mentors, assessments, and reimbursement of travel/training expenses to approved events. 

Officials who feel they wish to utilize these resources, or who wish to be considered for inclusion in advanced programs, are encouraged to contact any of the SRC administrative members.

Information for Parents of New Referees

Click on the following image for a video from US Soccer:

US Soccer video: Advice to Parents

Send Off (Red Card) Required Notification

In the event of a SEND OFF (Red Card) in your match, the following notifications are REQUIRED within 24 hours of the incident.

Youth Matches - send reports to:
 SYRA  - Mike Watson
High School Matches -  send reports to:
 SYRA -  Mike Watson and
 SAC Tom Hilsendeger hlsndgr@nrctv.com  
Adult Amateur Matches -  send reports to: 
SRA Guy McNeely, guymcneely0336@gmail.com 

Please fill out the Referee and Supplemental forms and send
to the State Referee Committee contacts as noted.  The forms are found by clicking HERE.

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