Sioux Falls Nov 13th 2011 - Advanced Referee Re-Certification

The November 13th recertification clinic is from 1-6pm at the Dakota Alliance soccer office.
 It is exclusively open to State Referees (USSF Grades 6 and 5) and State Referee candidates (USSF Grade 7 and 8 who had High School assignments this past season). The course is REQUIRED for all Referees who wish to serve on the Winter tournaments and who have not yet recertified.

Senior Referees who have already recertified are welcome and encouraged to attend as well, to participate in discussions with other Referees. 

There are several topics we will be covering which relate solely to upper-level games.

 Attendees should review their copies of the Laws of the Game, the Advice to Referees, and the Guide to Procedures prior to attending. Training will include class time and mini-field exercises. We'll also solicit availability for the Winter tournaments from this class.