New Referee registration PROCESS FOR 2021-22

New Referee certification & Registration

In order to be able to referee United States Soccer Federation (USSF) matches in 2022, you have to be registered and recertified. USSF Matches include: SDYSA matches, SD Adult soccer matches, State Cup, Presidents Cup and other US Youth or US Adult soccer sanctioned matches.

All referees in South Dakota will recertify and register through the US Soccer Learning Center.

Here is what you need to do to enroll in a Module:

1. Create a Learning Center Profile. When done, you may end up with multiple profiles that only US Soccer can resolve. Resolution can take approximately 3 days.

2. Initiate a Background Check (for ages 18 and older). A screening takes 7-10 days minimum and will cost you $30 + $1.21 processing fee for a total of $31.21. It is good for two years from the date of completion. ****With the COVID-19, this may take up to 3 weeks or more as there are delays out of everyone's control****

Complete step-by-step Instructions are provided below the red box.

Here is a link to a video for "HOW TO ENROLL IN A COURSE IN THE LEARNING CENTER"


The South Dakota Referee Committee (SRC) has opened and made available the 2022 US Soccer Registration Window. Registration is available for Outdoor referees, assessors, assignors and instructors.

In order to be able to recertify and register for 2022, you must have first created a Profile in the Learning Center and, if you are age 18 or older, have completed and passed an NCSI Background Check.

Learning Center “Profile”

All referees must have a Learning Center “Profile”. If you have not created a “profile”, the instructions are provided in Learning Center Signup. All your important information will be in your Profile (16-digit USSF ID number, email address, phone number, personal photo, emergency contact, receipts for payments made, licenses held, and registration history

Background Check for Adults

If you are age 18 or older and have not completed a National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) Background check, follow the instructions provided in Initiating a Background Screen to start the process from your Learning Center Profile. The Cost is $30 and is good for 2 years. You pay online with a credit card. Determinations take between 7-10 days. ****With the COVID-19, this may take up to 3 weeks or more as there are delays out of everyone's control****

NOTE: Even if you are a coach who has had a background check done through South Dakota Youth Soccer or your local association, you must STILL have the NCSI Background Check performed.

Grassroots Referee Certification and Registration

1. You need to set up a learning center account

2. You must submit a background check if 18 years of age or over. You can register for the class but cannot complete certification until the background check clears.

3. Once logged into your profile page, click on “Courses” on the top tool bar.

4. On the “courses” page, you should see tabs for “my courses”, and “available courses”. Click on the “available courses” tab.

5. On the next page, under “License pathway”, click on “Grassroots – First Time Referee”. On the right side of the page you will see a button that says “Go to Course List”. Clicking here will access the Grassroots Courses. You will have several options based on location. Choose the appropriate class and then click on “course details” on the right side of the page.

6. It should take you to that course page. In the top right corner (in blue) should be a box that states “proceed to registration”. Click that box.

7. A box should pop up that gives registration information (Location should be listed as “remote), it should show a price package of $60 for Outdoor, it will ask you for an emergency contact, and have you check three disclosure boxes. Once filled in, you can then click “proceed to payment”.

8. On the next page (payment), payment will have to be entered via credit/debit card (there is no mailing a check or cash option as this payment goes directly to US Soccer now). Once you click on make payment, it will process, and give you a notice that payment was processed (if it all went OK). Once payment is confirmed, you can close the payment box...and you are registered for the course.

9. It should then land you back on the course homepage. On the course homepage, under the course description, there are several tabs across the top. To take the course, you want to click on “assignments”. There should be 4 assignments, to complete each “assignment”, click on “open” on the right side of the screen beside each assignment. Some notes on each “assignment”:

        • A. SafeSport Training – just watch video and answer questions. Pretty easy/common sense stuff. No short cuts to get done fast. Takes about 2 hours

        • B. Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments. Watch the videos and answer questions. No short cuts, but pretty much common sense stuff. Takes about 30 minutes.

        • C. First Time Grassroots Referee QuizOnline Grassroots Referee Course – NOTE: this is the course and test. There are videos that you watch and then answer the below questions. You MUST go through the whole presentation. It takes approximately 4 hours. You can save and exit if needed. HINT: hover your cursor as there are different parts on each screen you must complete before moving on. HINT: you must get 100% to move on. It won’t let you advance until you get it correct. If you get stuck, email Chad Landis at or your instructor for assistance.

        • D. Background Screening - (if you are 18 years of age or over, this must be completed).

        • E. Online Grassroots Referee Course

10. Once these five assignments show “Satisfactory”, you have completed the online portion. You MUST complete this before the classroom portion.

11. You then need to attend the classroom and field session that is scheduled for your class. Upon completion of class, your final registration will be handled by your instructor.

12. Once your registration is approved by the Instructor (which may take a couple of days), you will receive an email from US Soccer with your course/referee registration certificate. You will receive your badge in class from your instructor or it will be mailed to you.

Subsequent Logins to the Learning Center

You do not have to complete all the assignments in one sitting. You can go at your own pace, close the assignment and then log out of the Learning Center.

Later, when you want to resume:

· Log into the Learning Center

· Click on ‘Courses’ in the upper left of the screen

· Click on the ‘My Courses’ tab

· Find the course you wish to resume and click on ‘Go to Classroom’ on the right

· Click on the ‘Assignments’ tab

· Open the assignment and continue where you left off.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions about the 2021-22 Recertification/Registration process, you can email me, Chad Landis, the SRA at or Tom

If you have questions or concerns regarding your Learning Center Profile, Background Check or status of your registration, email US Soccer at