How do I grow as a Referee

Coaching and Assessment

South Dakota State Referee Committee has Referee Mentors and Trainers to support our mission of developing our referees and encouraging them to referee at the highest level possible.


An “assessment” is a type of evaluation of a referee’s on-field performance. It is a formal process that involves a Referee Coach/Mentor observing a referee as they officiate a match, and then helping the referee reflect on their performance after the match. 

South Dakota's Referee Assessors are:


Referee Mentors provide guidance and instruction to all Grassroots Referees, including those who are working toward a Regional Referee license. Referee Mentors assist with referee instruction and training, and they can perform development and guidance (D&G) assessments.

South Dakota's  Referee Mentors are:

Referee Mentor candidates are selected by the SDA in coordination with the SRA and SYRA. Each candidate must successfully complete US Soccer’s First Time Referee Mentor Course. If you are interested in becoming a Referee Mentor, contact the SDA - Tyler Soyer at


For questions or comments about the coaching/assessment program, please contact Tyler Soyer, South Dakota State Director of Assessment, at