NFHS registration

Existing NFHS Referees - Registration for 2020

  1. Visit the SDHSAA website
  2. Log in to your existing account through the "Login Zone" Do not create a new account if you cannot log into your existing account. If you need help accessing your existing account, contact the SDHSAA office.
  3. Select "Official Zone" link
  4. Click "Registration" link in the "Official Zone Quick Links" area
  5. Follow re-registration instructions.

New NFHS Referees - Registration and New Account Setup:

  1. Contact Paula at SDHSAA as noted so she can add your name to the SDHSAA system.
  2. She will reply to you with an email that gives instructions on how to register online.
  3. When you get that, go to SDHSAA website . Click on "officials" tab, then "become an official" tab, then "How to Register" tab,
  4. That should take you to a page that lists.... "I am a new or transfer official", "I am a renewal official", and "I am a reciprocity official".
  5. If you are a first time NFHS official (which you are unless you have been registered as a NFHS Referee in another state)...then you should click on "I am a new or transfer official".
  6. When this tab expands, it will give you a list of things to do.
    1. You should have already contacted Paula to get set up in the system. She did not give me an "official's ID number" as it states in the instructions, but I did not need one.
    2. Open the PDF file "create a user account" and follow the instructions in that PDF document. Please note that just because you contacted Paula at the SDHSAA office and she added you to the will still not have an account until you complete this procedure.
    3. Once you complete those instructions and send in the account request, you should receive an automatic email notice at the email that you used to set up the account. (my email came from . This email states that it may take up to 24 hours for the account to be approved. Please note that it actually took more than 48 hours for my account to be approved. When my account was approved, I received a second email from that stated that my account had been authorized and that I could log in. Note that before I received that second email, I could not log into the SDHSAA website.
  7. Once you are registered and approved, you can log into the website. When you log in, it will take you to your "Login Zone" and there will be a link to register. Follow that link and complete the form. You can pay with credit card, paypal, or mail payment. And you should be registered. Once this is done, you can view your registration on your "login zone" officials page.

As I said, I completed the registration myself and I know the instructions were a little confusing and had some gaps. Hopefully the above will help. I can tell you that you need to be patient as it does take some time to complete all the steps. If you have trouble, keep me posted.

As always, please reply with questions. Thanks for everything.

Tom Hilsendeger