Request an Assessment

When requesting an assessment, be sure to allow at least 14 days from scheduled match. For upgrades, please note the following:

Please be sure to have read the Grade Requirements schedule for Upgrade/Recertification (below). There is also a match record schedule attached for your use, which will be verified.

(A) Be sure to have satisfied Time in Grade and have an acceptable number of rateable matches completed at the required level.

(B) Be sure to have had at least 1 Maintenance or Developmental Assessment performed by an approved assessor during the previous 6 months.

(C) Be sure to have completed the required Written Test and Fitness Test during the approved time frame.

(D) Allow good prior notice to your Assignors so that they can assign you to an acceptable match for the grade.

Costs? Developmental Assessments are free. Maintenance and upgrade assessments cost your game fee, up to a maximum of $60.00, to the assessor.