Game Officials has been used in South Dakota as our Assingment Platform for the last several Years.  This Site is going away at the end of 2023 and Assignors are transitioning to other platforms.

Most of the Assignors in South Dakota are moving to a platform called ASSIGNR.  You can find it here:

To join the ASSIGNR platform in your area, an Assignor has to add you and then send an invite to you.     

Here is a list of the Assignors across South Dakota - please reach out to the assignor in your area for further direction and assistance.

NAME.             EMAIL                         CITY           CLUB/LEAGUE                PLATFORM 

1.       Be patient with yourself and with the website. It really does walk you through this pretty well, but it can appear to be confusing

2.       Contact your local Assignor or your State Referee Committee members with questions. We'll help you as best as we can.

Let us know if you need further assistance.