Set Up a New GameOfficials Account

Most Assignors in South Dakota use the website to assign games in their area. Most new referees will need to set up a personalized GameOfficials account before they can receive games (again, it depends on your Assignor). If your Assignor has directed you to this page, most likely you need to set up your account.

Each different league Assignor has their own specific Group Number and Access Code to join their group of referees. Each different League you are in is considered an "Identity" in GameOfficials. For instance, you might referee outdoor youth through Assignor A, and you also do adult games through Assignor B. Thus you will need to set up an Identity for each League so the Assignors can give you games. It does not matter which one you sign up for first.

The following are instructions for setting up your account and establishing your "Identity."

  1. Go to to set up your account

    1. click the "New Official?" link in the left-hand column

    1. Follow the prompts:

      1. begin by entering enter the Group Number and Access Code to the initial group you wish to join:

        1. You get your League-specific Group Number and Code from your Assignor

        2. Example: South Dakota Adult Soccer Association - Group Number 1228; Access Code 6052747383

        3. Example: Dakota Alliance Soccer Club - Group Number 1110; Access Code 04022011

        4. Example: WSDSRA (Western South Dakota Soccer Referees Association - Group Number 1140; Access Code Referee

    1. Complete the "New User Signup" with contact info, email address, security question etc. This sets up your first "Identity" in GameOfficials:

  1. When you're done setting up your first "Identity", you can add another "Identity" for another League if you need to:

    1. Login to your account

    2. go to "My Assignors" link in left-hand column

    1. Click "Show" on the "Join New Group" banner in the middle of the page

    1. Enter the new "Group/Assignor Number" and "Group Access Code" for the new League you are joining; click "Join Group"

      1. This will give you an additional "identity" in Game Officials. It will inherit your contact information and ask you to confirm it. You'll be able to see assignments in both Leagues/Groups if you have "View Games from ALL Groups" selected on the "My Games" screen. Going forward, when you're on the website, you'll need to pay attention to which identity you're in.

  1. Now that you've set up your Identity(s), you need to setup your availability and block out the dates you are not available:

    1. Login to your account

    2. Go to "My Availability" link in left-hand column

    1. Click a date on the Calendar and set your availability

Note: you can set different availability for each Identity, if needed.

REMEMBER: please don't rely on your assignors to faithfully remember that you're scheduled in one system or the other. We're human, and we'll mess this up from time to time. It is "best" if, when you accept an assignment in one identity, block it out in the other. If you need any help with this:

1. Be patient with yourself and with the website. It really does walk you through this pretty well, but it can appear to be confusing

2. Contact your local Assignor or your State Referee Committee members with questions. We'll help you as best as we can.

Let us know if you need further assistance.